Fanuc 21i MB Control System
With the GE Fanuc Series 21i, you get the performance and reliability that GE Fanuc is known for throughout the industry. The Series 21i control combines the late advancements in manufacturing technology, controlling to 4 axes, with GE Fanuc's time proven control software to produce a CNC which delivers exceptional performance
• High Speed Connectivity for Exceptional System Performance.
Maximize data transfer speed by using the smallest possible numbers of cables. Cabling consists of just four cables: power, spindle, servo, and I/O.
• PCMCIA for Quick Updates.
With the PCMCIA card slot mounted on the front of the LCD unit, it is
easy to install new software or to troubleshoot from remote locations. Simply insert a memory card and you can transfer part programs, parameters, and ladder logic. Insert a modem card and you can download programs, troubleshoot, and complete routine maintenance  all from remote locations.
• High Speed Control operation ideal for Mold &
Die operations utilizing the AICC configuration.

Ultra Compact, Ultra Thin Open System CNC.
The Series 210i open system CNC combines superior control features with PC functionality, while supporting future expansions. Plus, network capabilities can be used to exchange information throughout the enterprise. By combining the most advanced features from both systems, the Series 210i transforms the machine tool into an intelligent machine.
• Excellent Operability and Maintenance.
Easy maintenance and quick repair can be realized with wide range of options such as maintenance information transmission by a modem card, help screens, alarm history, and operation history.
Axis Control
• (4) axes simultaneous control
• 10.4” high resolution flat screen LCD color monitor
• Digital Servo Function
• One (1) controlled path
• Serial Encoder Interface
• Axis names selected from X, Y, Z, U, V, W, A, B, C
• Least input increment of 0.001 mm, 0.0001”, 0.001 deg
• Inch/Metric conversion
• Interlock per axis
• Machine lock
• Emergency stop
• Over travel signal
• Stored stroke check 1
• Mirror image
• Follow-up function
• Servo off
• Mechanical handle feed
• Backlash compensation
• Stored pitch error compensation
• Memory Operation
• DNC Operation
• MDI Operation
• Program Number Search
• Sequence Number Search
• Buffer Register
• Dry Run Mode
• Single Block Mode
• Manual Feed Mode (Jog)
• Manual reference point return
• Manual handle feed
• Incremental feed
• Positioning (G00)
• Exact stop mode (G61)
• Exact stop (G09)
• Linear interpolation
• Circular interpolation
• Dwell (G04)
• Helical interpolation
• Skip function (G31)
• Automatic reference point return (G28, G29)
• Reference point return check (G27)
• 2nd reference point return (G30)
Feed function
• Rapid traverse feedrate 240m/min (100m/min @ 0.0001mm increment)
• Rapid traverse feedrate override (preset value, 25%, 50%, 100% settings)
• Feed per minute
• Tangential speed control
• Cutting feedrate clamp
• Automatic acceleration/deceleration (rapid traverse: linear; cutting feed:exponential)
• Feedrate override 0-254%
• Jog override 0-655.34%
• Override cancel
• EIA/ISO Automatic identification
• Label skip
• Parity check
• Control in/out
• Optional block skip
• Maximum programmable value – 8 digits
• Program number – 0 with 4 digits
• Sequence number – N with 5 digits
• Absolute or incremental command
• Decimal point input
• 10 times input unit
• Plane selection (G17, G18, G19)
• Rotary Axis setting
• Rotary axis rollover
• Coordinate system setting (G92)
• Automatic coordinate system setting
• Manual absolute on/off
• Subprogram calling
• Canned drilling cycles (G73, G74, G76, G80-G89, G98, G99)
• Specifying the radius of an arc
Auxiliary and Spindle Functions
• Miscellaneous function – M with 8 digits
• Miscellaneous function lock
• High speed M/S/T Interface
• Multiple commands of miscellaneous functions (up to 3)
• Spindle function – S with 5 digits
• Spindle override 0-254%
Tool Functions and Tool Compensation
• Tool function – T with 6 digits
• 32 Tool offsets
• Tool length compensation (G43, G44, G49)
• Cutter compensation C
• Status display
• Clock function
• Current position display
• Program display
• Parameter setting display
• Self diagnosis
• Alarm display
• Alarm history display
• Help function
• Run time/part count display
• Actual speed display
• Servo adjustment screen
• System configuration display
• English language
• Data protection key
Data Input/Output and Communications
• I/O Link Interface
• Punch panel with 2m cable
• Reader/punch interface 1 (RS-232)
• External workpiece number search
• External data input
     Includes External Tool Offset
          External Message
          External Machine Origin Shift
          External Program Number Search
• Status Output Signal
Background editing for programming another part while cutting
one part giving you shorter machining cycles and maximum efficiency.

A complete selection of menus has been prepared to accommodate
all programming needs. The inexperienced operator can proceed
with ease, and at the same time, the experienced operator can
make maximum use of his machining expertise.

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